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"I have been training with Ashley since February. She motivates me and I have learn from her in terms of nutrition and physical training. In the first 2 months of training I lost 3kg! I love working out with Ashley. She is very patient with me and I really enjoy the conversations we have while I am training with her. She is tough on me and pushes me which is a good thing cause I really needed it. At the end of the day after all the whining and complaining, I feel really good after each session. Now, after working out with Ashley I am more aware of my food intake and lifestyle and I will always make it a point to make a healthier choice!”

Muna, Personal Training Client

"My experience with Ashley has been amazing. I’ve seen major difference in my weight in these past few months. She has created workouts for me which has been really good in correcting my PCOS symptoms and keeping my hormones in balance! She is very encouraging and patient with me. I’ve been also been able to maintain a balanced nutrition for myself with the advice provided by her. If you are looking for a personal trainer who will have your best interests in mind, Ashley is ur go to!"

Mahisha, Personal Training Client

"We have been training with Ashley for 10 sessions with the goal to change our old habits. Ashley understood quickly our context and expectations and developed a program based on our needs. Over the 3 months together, we realized that we lost some weights and increase our endurance drastically as well as improve our food habits. The trainings with Ashley were fun, thorough, and tough. Thanks to those sessions, our endurance increased and I sleep better than before. I would recommend Ashley to anyone looking for an excellent personal trainer !"

Arnaud and Olivia, Personal Training Clients

"I have been training with Ashley for the past 4 months and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Ashley is personable and passionate about fitness. She is focused on helping me achieve my goals and make every session fun and challenging. I have seen improvements in my fitness level and a toner body. I know I would never have achieved the level of fitness if not for the personal attention and encouragement given during my training sessions. Signing up with Ashley as my PT was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She makes each session challenging yet rewarding. I would recommend her without reservation.”

Michelle, Personal Training Client

"I started training with Ashley back in August 2019 and it has been almost two years! When I started, it was only with the sole motivation of losing weight. I had always been a skinny person and found myself putting on weight without any significant lifestyle changes. I just was never into working out and fitness and always put my body through crash diets only to find out that it was never a sustainable idea after all. The idea that our metabolism drops as we age was not in my dictionary and perhaps thought I would always be 20.

However, as I started training, I found myself inching more towards the idea of mental and physical wellbeing than just being fixated with the weighing scale. Last year as we entered the pandemic, I started virtual sessions with Ashley which were equally effective. Unfortunately, I developed a temporary condition that limited my movements but not only she had been so patient, she optimised the workouts for me as well to better suit my body. As a result, I could continue with my workouts which led to enhanced muscle resistance and stamina.

Another important bit was my diet which was not great. She helped me understand the plating technique in detail and now it is like a second nature to me. I never miss a meal and that is a big achievement for me considering I literally lived on coffee before. I don’t have a sedentary job but she guided me on how can I increase activity throughout the day by doing little but smart things like taking stairs or walking to a farther water filter.

It has been a great journey in terms of realising how our bodies can be so different when we start sweating it out. Two years into the regime and I know that my body needs at least four days of exercise and I consciously make time for it. The biggest take away would be that I truly believe that we are what we eat and making right choices every day is the key. 

Thank you so much Ashley and here’s to many more sessions together!!"

Antara, Personal Training Client

"I have been working out with Ashley for now 10 months and apart from helping me generally get fitter and in shape - her patience dealing with my heavy work schedules has been amazing! She's very determined, I call her the "general" and really makes every session hard work but fun! Compared to other personal Trainers I've used in the past; she's the only one I've stuck with for this Long and I see no reason to stop. Definitely recommend Ashley for anyone whose looking for a very complete work out and path to fitness while also having some fun!"

Alia, Personal Training Client

"My husband and I have been training with Ashley for the past 9 months and we really enjoy it! At first it was challenging as we had not exercised for a LONG while but with Ashley's encouragement and great exercise planning, we find our sessions really enjoyable and look forward to them. She strikes a great balance between pushing you to your limit but keeps it still fun! We feel a real change in our energy levels and as a result feel motivated to work out more on our own, even on holiday. Ashley also gives us bite-size exercise routines to do on vacation! Working out with Ashley has made us more conscious of our fitness and it has been a positive cycle that also makes us want to improve our eating habits and live a healthier life. Thank you Ashley!”

Mr and Mrs Ang, Personal Training Clients

"I have been training with Ashley for 2 months. She's an enthusiastic trainer and demonstrates every step of the exercise very clearly to me. One of the most important factor for me was she was never late for our session, and would always send a reminder to me a day before our training. After the second session, I felt great! I have more energy throughout the day and I can fall asleep at night easier now, as compared to the past where I would always feel restless and sleepless nights. I signed up for 10 sessions with Ashley, although I did not lose any weight as I did not cut down on my meal portion, but I can see my waist, belly and arms are smaller and firmer now. Overall, training with Ashley is a great experience as she is a easy going person and she is very friendly. I will definitely recommend her to my friends who needs a personal trainer!”

Joey, Personal Training Client

"Ashley is patient and kind. Great trainer who understands body needs and goes the extra mile to encourage and help with issues. Wonderfully understanding yet firm. Will feel very comfortable in her presence and ensures you do the workout properly, safety of clients is her priority. Tangible and concrete results seen within a month. Client oriented and professional. Fully recommended!”

Mindy, Personal Training Client

"Punctual, approachable and encouraging. Trainer Ashley demonstrated various difficulty level to suit the varied participants needs. Her positivity is endearing!”

Hidayah, Bootcamp Participant

"I have been training with Ashley for about a year. Ashley is a great personal trainer and very committed to ensuring that her client achieves the desired end result. She understands female body and that was one of the reason why I have continued to trained with her. Her sessions varies from cardio to strength training and what is great about her sessions are that she ensures that I get a variety of trainings. My strength and endurance has definitely improved with the consistent training. I definitely have more energy throughout the day. In terms of food choices, Ashley is all about eating right and making healthy choices (and yes eating greens too!). I am a lot more active than I used to be and I plan to incorporate what I have learnt from Ashley. Thumbs up to Ashley."

Allison, Personal Training Client

"Ashley is an extremely dedicated personal trainer that is very mindful of your body strengths and weaknesses. She pushes the boundaries of your body and takes into account of your personal preference of exercise too. For instance, I don’t enjoy running so she uses skipping as a substitute for my training session. Furthermore, she is very encouraging throughout the session, which makes you feel at ease and confident in completing the session. If you are looking to lose weight and/or shape your body in a healthy manner, Ashley is definitely highly recommended!"

Xinying, Personal Training Client

"I've been training with Ashley for over a year now. Most training sessions are a combination of cardio, weight training and HIIT. After the session, she would also advise me on dietary intake/food choices, exercise and stretching that I can include in my daily lifestyle. Being almost the same age with Ashley, it is easier to connect with her. She understands the problems and challenges to keep healthy amid my busy schedule, as such, she would adjust our training regime accordingly and advises me on how to make healthier choices daily to make sure it is easy for me to carry it through. Training with Ashley is difficult, but it wouldn't be considered a workout if you don't break a sweat right? Though training might be difficult, it is still fun as Ashley keeps me engaged and interested throughout the session. She encourages and spur me on at particularly tough moments! Ever since I've started training with Ashley, I've seen improvements in my body and my in daily life as well. Although it is still a work in progress, I can see my body toning and shaping up, which is a great feeling! I do feel more energetic and less lethargic than before. Especially after a work out with Ashley, I would always feel refresh! Ashley has also taught me that little things that I do daily can make a difference,such as choosing to take the stairs/walking to the next bus stop which I proactively do now. As a whole, it's been a great experience training with Ashley. She is able to empathize and understand your concerns, and I would recommend her for anyone looking for a fun and inspiring trainer!"

Minfang, Personal Training Client

"I have been training with Ashley since October last year. Ashley is friendly and gives very good advice on nutrition + workout which is is a great combination as it goes hand in hand. I have benefitted from Ashley’s sessions in my weight loss journey, she guided me through and was always motivating me to push myself during sessions. I particularly felt very energised through the day after the morning sessions!"

Sangeeta, Personal Training Client

"Ashley has been my Personal Trainer just over a year. It has been very helpful to have the one-on-one attention; I have realised that I get a more effective and rewarding workout when I am being guided by Ashley than when I am working out on my own. She not only makes sure that I follow her instructions to do each exercise correctly, tells me which muscle(s) I am using when I am doing them, and also why the exercise should be done in the precise manner she instructs but also constantly ensures that I am pushing myself in a healthy way. I very much enjoy training with her; I find her positivity, energy, and no-nonsense and driven approach extremely motivating. Her supportive yet firm manner also makes every training session effective, and I have not, to date, ever ended a single session with her without feeling exhausted but energised and re-invigorated especially when I began that session feeling sluggish and unenthusiastic.Ashley is a fantastic Personal Trainer who is knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, and is both dedicated and passionate about what she does. Constantly emphasizing the importance of nutrition in the entire fitness equation, Ashley has always been available on her mobile phone to comment on the photographs I send her of the food I eat which serves to spur me on when I am lacking the self-discipline to eat well. She also assesses my current condition every session and plans our workouts accordingly to accommodate them while always bearing my ultimate health and fitness goals in mind. What I am especially happy about is that she works around and/or with my weak knees that act up on occasion sometimes severely, and my fitness levels that vary due to insomnia and irregular exercising.As such, I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone looking for a committed and knowledgeable trainer who has made getting so very much stronger, healthier, and infinitely more nutritionally-aware all of the time such an enjoyable and rewarding experience for me.  I also cannot emphasise enough how both her personality and flexibility set her apart from others in her field entirely."

A. Tan, Personal Training Client

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