Get in shape whenever, wherever you are. 

benefits of Virtual coaching:

Get personalized guidance from an expert coach, committed to guide you to your fitness goals. Receive crafted programs tailored according to your needs, modifying it as you progress and answering all your queries along the way. 

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There are no shortcuts in losing weight. Say goodbye to your yo-yo diets for good. Let our team of experts empower you with the knowledge of nutrition. Learn how to make healthier food choices without comprising your social lives.  Learn how to be mindfully aware of your eating habits and create new bite size habits that are proven to help keep your weight off sustainably for the rest of your life.  

With our extensive range of exercise programs, you'll never get bored of working out! From bodyweight exercises, resistance trainings, HIIT, cardio and active recovery training sessions, we'll bring you to a fitter and stronger you.

Train anytime, anywhere, at your convenience with our bespoke training program designed for you. Ask your coach any questions you have regarding your training program, exercise techniques or nutritional information wherever you are. Remember, we're always here to help guide you in every way we can, even if we're miles away.

Gone are the days trying expensive slimming products or all kinds of "trending" diet plans and workouts that leaves you all burnt out, yet did not bring you any closer to your fitness goals. There is never a one size fits all diet. Every body is unique and different. Coupled with our knowledge and years of experiences, achieve real results with our 1to1 personalized coaching. Our trainers specializes in creating sustainable nutritional plans and exercise regime tailored accordingly to every individual. 

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Train wherever you are


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I am glad to have Ashley as my trainer for the past 3 months and had since lost 9.6kg! 


I was 60 kgs when I started training with Ashley and today I'm less than 54 kgs!


The results from our training have been very satisfactory and encouraging, to say the least!


Ashley Isabel Tay
Online Coach/ Personal Trainer

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Because we care. We care about your journey. We want you to lead a healthier lifestyle and enjoy what life brings you. We want you to know that prevention is better than medication. We want you to know that your nutrition and exercise is the way to a better health, never pills.

If you have been plateauing or spending hours in the gym yet seeing no results, this is it for you. Let our team of experts answer your whys.

The difference between our coaches is that we care about you, we care about your health emotionally and physically. We understand your journey and we are 100% committed to guide you to where you want to be. 

Not only are our team are accredited in BSc Sports and Exercise Science with years of experience under our belts, we pledge to only create programs that are backed by science. We've done the research and homework for you. That's why it works. That's why we get results. 

3 months



Online coaching + Nutrition Consultation + Customized Workout program

- Work 1on1 with an expert coach 

- Individualized programming to bring your fitness to a whole new level

- 12 weeks of nutritional consultation, lessons and tips to guide you on how to eat right,eat smart and have a healthy relationship with food

- Regular coaching calls with your coach to keep track of your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your program accordingly. 

- Unlimited email access to your coach to help answer any queries that you have in your journey 

- Transform your mind, body and soul in 3 months as your coach guides you through a holistic approach to weight loss

-Learn how to manage your weight loss after you have reach your goals. We are not only here to guide you to lose weight, but we are here to help and teach you to keep the weight off for life 

-3 months worth of comprehensive training program and eating habits accountability as we journey with you into cultivating a healthy lifestyle

Health Matters.

Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well with us.

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