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Ashley embodies a wholistic health approach towards her own health and firmly upholds this virtue in her trainings with her clients.  Growing up as an obese kid and through her early adulthood, Ashley truly understands that being healthy and weight loss do not solely depend on exercise. What we eat and how we view ourselves (positively or negatively) matter. She remains convinced that true health comprises all aspects - Mind, Body and Soul.  She is also a strong believer that "food is thy medicine." Thus, her training sessions not only include a variety of functional exercises, but also a nutrition component that empowers her clients in understanding how food affects us physically and emotionally, instead of fearing them. 

As a plant-based nutrition coach, Ashley's diet revolves around whole, natural foods that she entirely enjoys. She also loves being outdoors and participating in multiple sports - Running, swimming, skating, soccer, surfing, basketball and rugby. In fact, she plays any sports whenever she gets the chance to!

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- Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Science, Edinburgh Napier


- Diploma in Sports and Wellness Management, Nanyang


- Certified Allied Healthcare/Fitness Profession

   (Exercise Is Medicine Singapore - EIMS)

- Certified Master Rehab Trainer (Rehab Trainer - Australia)

- Certified Pre & Post Natal Exercise Coach (Fitness Australia)

- Certified Fundamentals for Plant-Based Nutrition for Fitness

   (Live Green and Lean)

- Certified Active Aging Movement Coach (SCW Fitness Education)

- Standard First Aid and AED certified


Past Experiences

o   Keeping Physically Fit Through Weight Loss – Wyeth Nutritionals (Singapore)

  • Speaker 

o    Healthy Food Snack Preparation – Keppel Corporation

  • Nutritionist

o    Lose to Win (Health Promotion Board)

  • Fitness Instructor 

  • Nutrition Speaker

o    Active Youth Workout – Fitness Bootcamp (Health Promotion Board)

  • Fitness Instructor 

o    Health Champs Workshop (Health Promotion Board)

  • Speaker 

o    Mall Workout – Fitness Interval Training (Health Promotion Board)

  • Fitness Instructor 

o    Healthy Workplace Environment (Health Promotion Board)

  • Fitness Instructor 

o    Health Champs - Bootcamp (Health Promotion Board)

  • Run Coach 

  • Fitness Instructor 

o    Active Kids Programme (Health Promotion Board)

  • Fitness Instructor 

o    Sundays in the Park (Health Promotion Board)

  • Boot camp Instructor 

o    Healthy Eating & Exercise Programme (Health Promotion Board)

  • Fitness Instructor 

o    Refresh Programme (Health Promotion Board)

  • Weight Management Programme Instructor 

o    National Brisk Walking Programme (Health Promotion Board)

  • Fitness Instructor 

o    Introduction to Resistance Band (Health Promotion Board)

  • Resistance Band Instructor 

o    Singapore Girls Home Physical Activity

  • Fitness Instructor 

o    Loopz Fitness Band (Singapore Polytechnic)

  • Loopz Band Instructor 

o    Physical Fitness Programme (Singapore Polytechnic)

  •  Fitness Instructor 

o    Strength and Conditioning (Singapore Polytechnic)

  • Strength and Conditioning Coach 

o    Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations

  • Resistant Band Instructor 



"I have been training with Ashley for the last few months and I must admit that she is a true inspiration. After giving birth I was in rush to lose my 19 kgs of pregnancy weight just by a swing of a magic wand. In the process, I trained with and talked to few personal trainers. However, in my mind I was never very convinced of their approach in order to reach my goal. I then happened to get introduced to Ashley through another friend of mine. And it has been a pleasant fitness journey and experience ever since. What I truly admire about Ashley is her discipline, devotion and promptness towards her profession and clients. She has made me respect my body and has given me structured achievable path to my weight loss goal. She responds to queries fast, is always very punctual and reminds me of the things such as  eating healthy or taking more stairs during the day. She never makes working out a monotonous boring affair and innovates with different forms of exercise and equipment to make it interesting. Be it outdoors or indoors (inside the gym) she makes full use of whatever is available around to make it efficient and fruitful. I have seen a remarkable difference in myself and feel healthier and fitter and have an increase in stamina with every passing day.”


Personal Training Client

Ashley has been phenomenal for our training. She understood our individual needs and trained us according to that. She got us to do different things every time, which made the sessions fun and never boring. She is also very patient and encouraging. I would strongly recommend her. 

- Ritu

Ashley understands the individual body constraints and guides them accordingly which exercise is more suitable to avoid any issues.. I recommend her for anyone who is disciplined to reach any specific goal.. 👌👍

- Anandraj


No words Ash! You pushed us, you pained us, but in the end we got the most happiest moments!

- Bhaiya


Ashley , u was best at training us. I second the thoughts pouring in. U tried all possible ways to activate our sleeping muscles 😃😆U motivated us to keep going, keeping our stamina levels in mind .Yes 🙋‍♀we enjoyed the sessions with u and I highly recommend u. Hoping to join back soon for post grad😍😍


Ashley is very hardworking and dedicated. She provides a customized workout to meet the specific need of the individual!


FItness Bootcamp


"Fitness and nutrition were my taboo words. Struggling with obesity from a young age and going through countless of failed fitness regimes and diet plans, food was my comfort.
I took a leap of faith to try out Ashley as my personal trainer in hopes of breaking a vicious of failed-weight- loss-cycles (also because she seemed different from other typical personal trainers and I was turning 30).

During the first few sessions, Ashley promised me that I will see significant changes of myself in terms of my relationship with food as well as exercise. Internally, I scoffed and cynically thought that day will never happen.
Through continuous work-out sessions and vigilantly reflecting about the food that I am ingesting, accompanied by Ashley's passionate dedication of my progress, I became much more sensitive towards what type of food my body needs and warmed up to the habit of constantly exercising. There was a great mental shift from, 'I got to exercise to be thin' to 'constantly exercise to be fit' . After three months, I got to admit, Ashley was right.

Ashley is not a personal trainer in terms of doing certain number or type of workout to get vanity short-term results. She is a wellness and wellbeing coach that I desperately needed in my empty-calories-filled life. Her passion for health and nutrition kept me going for 6 months, captivating me to live a life that is suited for me.

Fitness, no longer meant being skinny enough to wear an outfit. That word meant freedom for me to be able to do any activities without my body hindering me. The definition of 'nutrition' shifted from having a godawful vegetable smoothie because it is seemingly healthy to listening to my body on what she needs.
At the end of the sessions, the most important lesson Ashley taught me was to respect myself and be the goddess that I was meant to be!🦸‍♀️💪"


Personal Training Client

"I am glad to have Ashley as my trainer for the past 3 months and had since lost 9.6kg! I can feel her passion towards leading a healthy lifestyle. She always motivates me in an effective way as I used to be lazy in doing exercises. She is responsible and committed to her client and will go extra miles in providing her excellent service. She is one kind of people person trainer which will connect with her client. To me apart from her technique of exercises which is tough but manageable, her advise and tips for my diet play a bigger role in my lifestyle journey. Thanks to her that now I am able to choose my food wisely. I would recommend her if someone looking for a committed and passionate trainer!”


Personal Training Client

"I started training with Ashley around April, around 3 months after delivering my first child. I wasn't very sure before hiring a trainer if I will be able to lose all the weight I had gained. But after training with Ashley all these months my doubts are over. Ashley has been helping me not only towards weight loss but also towards a long term goal of maintaining it and moving towards a healthy lifestyle. She has given me great tips on my meals and her consistent follow up with me about my meals has helped so much! I am a food lover and often fail to resist good food, but Ashley's help and guidance has helped me a lot! I didn't have to stop eating the food I love and at the same time be healthy. Her sessions are a lot of fun as well including workouts at the gym and outdoors, with a huge variety in the activities. I was 60 kgs when I started training with Ashley and today I'm less than 54 kgs. I was looking towards a gradual weight loss rather than a sudden one, and I'm so happy that it happened just the way I wanted! And overall I feel much more fit than before with greater strength. I could go on and on. To summarize, if you're looking for help with your body from a personal trainer and moving towards a healthy lifestyle, I would definitely recommend Ashley. Thank you Ashley for your great help and being such a great trainer :)"


Personal Training Client

"Ashley is a fun and enjoyable trainer to train with. 
She cutomises every workout according to my ability in order for me to attain my goal in preparation for my wedding. Ashley also introduces a range of workouts that makes her lessons interesting and her encouragements motivates me to put in my best at times when I feel like giving up. Her classes are fullfulling especially when I start to see results from the trainings.
Ashley also ensures that she gives adequate attention to every individual when we train together in a small group. My workout buddies and I enjoyed Ashley's training sessions and I am sure all her trainees does too! :)"


Personal Training Client

"I have been training with Ashley since late July 2019. Given that I live a pretty sedentary lifestyle and had gained considerable weight within a short period of time earlier in the year, my body became quite unhealthy -- I could not even manage one flight of stairs without stopping midway. Fortunately, I chanced upon Ashley's training program and was impressed by her credibility in sports science and her rich experience dealing with females who also want to lose weight.


My first few trainings felt tougher and more intense because my body was adapting to a more active lifestyle. However, Ashley is very encouraging and motivating, and always allows me to complete the training at a pace that is comfortable for me. In addition, she also monitored my diet and taught me how to eat well and healthy. My training with Ashley has witnessed huge body changes, physically and biologically -- Not only have I lost weight, but due to the healthy eating, my digestive system also works a lot better, and I no longer have shortness of breaths like before. Many of the sets which Ashley designs are easily doable at home as well, which makes it very convenient to exercise multiple times a week. Now, I feel as though I am missing something if I miss a workout session!"


Personal Training Client

"I have been training with Ashley for slightly more than a month (& 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘭𝘰𝘴𝘵 𝟹.𝟾𝘬𝘨 𝘴𝘪𝘯𝘤𝘦)! Ashley is very encouraging, friendly and patient. I like how each training session is different and it also suits my ability. The first few trainings was tough, as my body was adapting to working out but I'm actually looking forward to the trainings now! ⁣

Ashley also taught me how to eat better and healthier. I am more aware of what I eat now and I even start to meal-prep my lunch. With eating healthier and working out, I feel more energetic and I have better energy throughout the day. I definitely feel a lot better after working out with Ashley! 🤗 "


Personal Training Client

"Ashley was my personal trainer before my wedding. The objective and goals were to make sure i could fit into my gown. During the 2-3 months of work prior to the wedding, we had a huge variety of workouts from cardio to weights. Ashley had coupled the workouts with helping us manage our food intake. The workouts has helped me cut the weight that I need and tone the areas needed before the wedding. Ashley is very committed and follows up regularly prior to our sessions. When things were not available, she improvises! She definitely is very helpful and cheery in helping achieve your personal goals."


Personal Training Client

"I decided to look up Ashley in May, when I was sick and tired of being sleepy at work and too lethargic to move. My diet consisted of mostly fast food and soda at that time, a result of bad childhood eating habits. Despite being "skinny fat" throughout my teenage years, age finally caught up with me and I was putting on the pounds furiously. Thanks to Ashley's regime of teaching the right exercises to suit my fitness level and nutrition lessons, I developed strength and fitness mobility but most importantly, learnt to be conscious about what I put into my body. I reached my target weight loss of 6kg in just 3 months without dieting, but what's even more impressive is the 360 change in my diet including cutting out soda entirely. I heartily recommend Ashley to walk you through your fitness journey!"


Personal Training Client

I started training with Ashley about a month ago after trying out four different personal trainers, and the results from our training have been very satisfactory and encouraging, to say the least. Ashley has been and continues to be patient throughout the journey, injecting fun and surprises into each session and ensuring the routines are always challenging to drive you to better results. She never fails to remind you of your goals and the fact this is a journey you and her are undertaking together. She takes a holistic approach to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle by overseeing your exercise routine, food/diet, and the little things you can do daily to make this a sustainable effort. I would strongly recommend Ashley to my friends and any one who is looking to lose weight for the long term, and create a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. 


Personal Training Client

We were looking for ways to loss weight but those methods didn’t work until we met Ashley 4 months ago and it was the best choice we've made! 


The trainings were enjoyable and we looked forward to go to her lesson every week. The difficulty of training increases gradually which allows our body to adapt and adjust. 


She is also very friendly and supports you like a good friend encouraging you to do your best. She has not only taught us about exercise but diet plans too. She doesn’t places any restriction on any food but has taught us to eat moderately, changing our habits gradually. It’s about a lifetime change and not a short term change. 


After 4 months, in between Christmas, birthdays and Chinese New Year, we are happy to have lost weight! We are really happy to have met Ashley and learn from her! If you are looking for a professional yet friendly PT, do train with Ashley. She’s really great!

-Janelle & Waikeong

Buddy Training

"I've been training with Ashley since December, and I saw tremendous improvement in my energy, strength and overall fitness within 6 months. I had to get a whole new wardrobe because everything was too loose! Ashley has also taught me a lot about how to eat better, helping me make better food choices without compromising too much on my favourite treats. Her workouts can be pretty tough but she's a great motivator and I always feel great at the end of our sessions!”


Personal Training Client

"I have been training with Ashley for 7 months and it has been an enjoyable 7 months! Ashley works my buddy and I very  hard, reminding us (all the time) of our goal. Although her exercises are tough, she ensures that every exercise session is  different and we do not get bored or demoralised. She is also very willing to share her knowledge when we have questions  about the exercise, health, food and etc. I started to see a change in my physical fitness after 1.5 months. Previously, I  was not able to complete basic resistance training exercises but after training with Ashley, I was able to complete these  exercises during my other exercise classes without much difficulty! After training with Ashley, I have made a more  conscious effort in watching my diet, ensuring that I have a balanced diet during each meal and the occasional "cheat"  day is a reward for the good effort. Exercise is always fun in groups and I highly recommend training with a buddy!"


Personal Training Client

"我是CiCi Song,今年九月开始和Ashley教练健身,大概已经有快三个月了。和Ashley健身过后,我身体变得更紧实了,精力更加充沛了,身体耐力也更好了。Ashley 还教会了我如何健康的饮食,教我健康的生活。Ashley人很好,每次的训练都很开心!"

-Ms Song

Personal Training Client

"I trained with Ashley for 11 sessions (10 + 1 Trial) and she is a very motivating trainer. She stretches me to my limits and is very encouraging along the way! The programme that she planned for me was suitable for my ability and builds up my stamina. She was also flexible in adjusting the programme according to my state of the day. I really like her!
After training with her, I’m more toned and I feel more energetic throughout the day. I was conscious of what I eat and at the same time, I don’t feel deprived. As I am a vegetarian, she was able to advise me based on my special dietary restrictions, which I am very thankful for.
Her training were both fun and tough. We did a variety of moves both indoor and outdoor. This made training interesting. As each training session has increased intensity, it made all the training tough. When we completed one training, I always feel a sense of achievement and success.
Working out with Ashley was a starting point for me. It showed me that consistency is important and by working out a little bit each week, we were able to accumulate and build up results.
I definitely felt more confident after working out with Ashley and it kick-start my interest in fitness."


Personal Training Client

"I have been training with Ashley since February 2016. She motivates me and I have learn from her in terms of nutrition and physical training. In the first 2 months of training I lost 3kg! I love working out with Ashley. She is very patient with me and I really enjoy the conversations we have while I am training with her. She is tough on me and pushes me which is a good thing cause I really needed it. At the end of the day after all the whining and complaining, I feel really good after each session. Now, after working out with Ashley I am more aware of my food intake and lifestyle and I will always make it a point to make a healthier choice!”


Personal Training Client


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