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10 Healthy Tips to enjoy a Healthy Holiday

#1 Enjoy Water Sports by the Beach

Go surfing, kayaking, standup paddling, snokerling, diving, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, basically just truly enjoy what the beach has to offer. Engage in activities that keeps you moving, participate in sports that you've never tried, explore new places that you've never been to, you'll never know if you might find something you like. You only live once, if not now, when?

At the same time, you'll get a good tan too!


#2 Get a Good Workout with Fitness Class Passes

No motivation in the gym while on a holiday? No problem. Let the local coaches do their job and give you a good push during the workout! Look for fitness classes near your Airbnb/Resort/Hotel to find what suits you best, it can be anything from yoga/functional training/weightlifting/bootcamp/crossfit etc, point is, do what you like. If you get lucky, some boxes even offer you free trials for a week or so, so you don't even have to spend a penny for a workout!

Tip: Always schedule your workout in the morning so that you can get it over and done with and enjoy the rest of the day doing what you want to do. ;)


#3 Eat your greens at least 1 out of 3 meals

Whenever you're on a holiday, you're bound to eat more. To make sure that I don't overeat, I will always swap one of my meals to a lighter calorie meal and make sure that it contains all the nutrients, fibre and vitamins that I need for the day in compensate of the food that I am going to indulge later in the day. It's all about the balance.


#4 Eat what you need, Moderation is Key

Many of my clients often ask me what do I eat when I go on a holiday. My answer is always the same,

"I eat whatever I want, but only the quantity of what my body needs."

I build my meals according to what my body needs first, and fit in what my mind wants to eat after. For example, in my dinner below, I choose to get a good balance of carbs, vegetables, protein and paired them with my favourite fries by the side. This way, I nourish my body with good nutrients while at the same time I get my cravings controlled.

Tip: Half your calorie intake by just consuming half the fries!


#5 Share the Love, Share the Calories

Who dosen't love a hot, crispy and fresh fish & chips by the beach made with love? Well, we all do. Why not share the love, by sharing the calories! This way, you'll get to enjoy a hearty meal while still keeping your health in check.

More often than not, our minds are intrigued to eat everything we want. But truth is, does our body really NEED that much junk food in our body?

Learn to differentiate a Need and a Want when you eat. Conscious eating Vs Unconscious eating does makes a difference.


#6 Swap that Frappe into a Latte

Cut your calories intake by 1/2 by just simply switching a frappe into a latte. Not only are you saving on the calories, you're also cutting out half the amount of sugar and fats that are not necessary in your diet. Remember, you only need to get your caffeine fix, the additional sugar is not needed.


#7 Buy your own Groceries

Save on food by cooking up your own meals and make way for more travel budget. It's always cheaper to make your own than eating out. This way, you'll get to fuel your body with good source of greens, proteins and carbs at the bang of your buck!


#8 Find a hotel with a Gym

One of my main criteria that I look out for whenever I source for my stay is to have a gym or a swimming pool within its premises. This way, I have no excuse to not put in a workout after a whole day of indulgence. We work hard, play hard and enjoy life, but our health should always be a priority. Again, it's all about that balance.

A pool with a view always adds a little motivation ;)


#9 Immerse in Mother Nature

Throw a frisbee, run by the beach, swim with the waves, trek by the moutains. Just immerse, immerse in the beauty of mother nature. Immerse in the present, in the calmness, in the gentleness, in the peacefulness, take the time off from the chaos, the noise, the worries and just be still, while embracing everything at the moment.

"Indulge in the soothing waves, in the therapeutic sounds of waterfalls, in the kindness of the breeze, in the songs of nature, in the gentle clouds, in the fall of raindrops and just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful world we live in."

Be Still & Know (Psalm 46:10)


#10 Take heart and be Grateful

In the midst of our daily struggles, pressures, demands, let us take this time to pause for a moment, to slow down our pace, sit back and appreciate how far we've come. To be thankful for all that we have, for this beautiful holiday, for the people we love, for the people who love us, and to know that everything we have is everything we need.

The greatest thing in life is not how much you have on the outside, but how much you have in your heart.

I've never seen you, but it feels like home

There's something about life that is worth living for. Gratitude changes the way we see the world, it gives us a new life, a new meaning, a new purpose and a quiet joy that blooms within you. You'll find rainbow in every storm, peace in every chaos and faith in every fear. When we open our hearts and love, we open up more doors than we can imagine.

For all that I have, all that I am and all that I'll become, I thank you Lord for sending me many guardian angels in my life to have guided me thus far. The gifts that you've showered me with has been nothing but extraordinary. May I always walk in your ways and not my ways. Let not my will, but thy will be done.

My heart is full, thank you.

"We wait in silence and we hope, Maranatha."

With love,

Ashley Isabel Tay

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