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Recognizing the Healing Powers of Food

Most of us have tried different diets (kept, paleo, intermittent fasting etc) and do the best we can to adhere to the X number of rules that each diet requires. What we do not realise from each diet was how much those rules slowly imprisons us day by day, distancing ourselves from truly listening and understand what our body needs individually.

Of course, I do not say that it is wrong to follow any diet. Each set of rules in every diet are meant for a guidance to help us understand the benefits of foods, which in turn allows us to make better food choices. What we need to do is to individualise the diets according to our own ability and sustainability. Every body is never the same, because we are all individually beautiful in our very own ways.

Food : Friend or Foe?

At the end of the day, we all have the same goal - to eat well, move well and live well. This goal can only be achieve if we stop treating food as our enemies but as our friend. Changing our mindset, directly change our relationship with food. The first step is to stay away from all the latest trend in the fitness industry and truly reconnect with the true purpose of food - to nourish, heal and sustain us.

The battle is not yours

It is no longer a fight against food, but for our bodies to work in union with food. With this change of perspective, we can look at food and better understand them instead of fearing them. Being in control of what you are eating gives you the power to liberate yourself from all the rules that restrained you from being in touch with your true self. Basically, eating well is about feeding the body with food that are not made from factories but right out from the earth. Our bodies knows what to do with real, whole food. They restores and nourishes you, bringing your body back to balance and better. It is time to stop eating for convenience and start eating for health.

Healing starts when you start loving your body instead of fighting against it.

Shower a little more love to your body each day and tell yourself how grateful you are for a body that brings you about to see this beautiful world. Most importantly, wholeheartedly believe that you are loved, you are blessed and your very existence in this world matters, a lot more than you ever know. You will be amazed by how this little act of love daily changes your body inside out. You will realise your body starts to glow and that's when you know, healing has already taken place.


With all my love,



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