5 tips to Stay in Shape during Chinese New Year - Abundance Health, Abundance Wealth

As the lunar new year approaches, it is the time to look forward to abundance of AngBaos (red packets)! It is also a time where massive feasting starts when we get to enjoy abundance of food shared among family and friends, symbolising a sign of prosperity that will flourish throughout the year.

As we take this time to spend these precious moments with our family, savouring reunion dinners that are thoughtfully and meticulously prepared from the heart, one should not forget to also keep our health in check! ✔

Thus, I've put together 5 healthy tips that can be easily incorporated into our daily house visits so that we all can still fit into our pretty clothes after CNY! ;)

Tip #1 Know the Damage - Watch the Calories!

What's the first thing that you'll always see when you walk into your relatives' house?

That's right! That table that is filled full of CNY goodies waiting for you!

Well it is totally fine to enjoy the snacks once a year, it is also important to not over indulge. Rather than inflicting a total snack ban that stresses you out during this festive, leaving you feeling uneasy and deemed "rude" for not eating the goodies that are offered to you, why not try limiting your snacks to 1-2 pieces per snack or keep a cap on the amount of pineapple tarts(or your favourite snack) that you are popping in per day.

Ultimately, one harmless looking pineapple tart packs in already 93 calories! Not to highlight that Bak Kwa packs in a whopping 301 calories per slice too. Thus, share the love and savour them in smaller bite-size pieces!

Photo Source Courtesy of : Channel News Asia

Tip #2 Mindful Snacking - Practice Rationing

Many of times we often snack unconsciously right from the bottomless jar of cookies 🍪 while having a good time catching up with our family that we haven seen for awhile. A good way to make sure that while we enjoy our conversations, we can still watch our portion size by rationing our CNY snacks. Instead of eating right from the bucket, place only the amount that you would like to eat on your palm or a small plate or a piece of tissue paper.

Secondly, mindfully prioritise the snacks that you would like eat per day and eat only those.

For eg:

Monday - 3 Love Letters

Tuesday - 2 Pineapple Tarts

Wednesday - 5 Dried Shrimp Roll

This may look very little but think about the dinners that you've already eaten on top of this snacks. Everything adds up! & that's how your weight creeps up!

Tip #3 Stay Hydrated - Plain Water are for Champions

Plain water contains ZERO calories. Enough said.

Instead of your usual packet drinks like chrysanthemum tea or your canned soda like coke/sprite, save yourself some calories by just having plain water. If you want something cold and flavoured, put in some ice and a slice of lemon. HOLAA!

Tip #4 Schedule in your workouts - Before/After Visits

Stay active even on festive seasons! Sticking to your usual workout schedule might not be feasible with the amount of house visits but hey, throwing in a 15-20mins workout is always better than none! ;D

Try doing some bodyweight exercises at home before you get ready for your house visits or after your visits. Here are some simple and quick exercises that you can start with to move your body!

3 sets of :

10 squats (Simplified version: Sit on a chair and stand up)

10 pushups (Simplified version: Wall push up)

10 sit ups (Simplified version: Crunches)

20 jumping jacks (Simplified version: Marching High Knees)