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Mind over Body - Change, starts from within

Many studies have shown that our awareness alone place an important physical effect on our bodies and our health. What we’ve conditioned to believe about ourselves, our situations, and what we have programmed of other peoples' view of us, affects our performance, our outcomes, including how successfully we are.

When we put greater intention behind what we’re doing, we naturally get better results. What we believe, we become. When we learn and understand the purpose behind doing something, we put more conscious, purposeful energy into it.

In short, the more you learn about the ‘what’ and the ‘why’, the easier and more effective the ‘how’ comes in our actions. Here's a simple explanation of how our intention can drive our behaviour to turn our situation around:

When we set an intention on a certain goal, we first have to acknowledge the setback or problem in our situation. It is to recognise that though we can’t change the past, but we have the power to write our future.

As we acknowledge our surroundings and environment, it opens our eyes see the purpose behind every situation, the lessons that will soon mould us into a better person. It is to see that these pain we are experiencing will turn into strength, in time to come.

Behind every season, there is a reason. Resist not the things we can't control, but to embrace all things, and understand that each step has deeper meaning.

With all that, we can turn our fear into faith that things will get better. When we can train our mind to see hope and purpose in every situation, our behaviour will change. This new found strength gives our attitude and actions a strong belief. A core belief that knowing whatever comes, will just be a stepping stone to where we need to be, to the person we will soon become.

This also applies to our perspective of health. The more we believe in the actions behind it (eat well, move well, live well), the more we are educated about the benefits (nutrition, releasing stress, functional movements), this creates a higher possibility that our body will respond to the thoughts that improves our circumstances/health to where we want it to be, or even better.

What we believe, we become.

The clearer we create our mind into the possible rewards of what we’re doing, the better we are priming our brain and body to replicate the exact positive outcome. In short, the deeper our beliefs, the better the effect.

Our yesterday, today and tomorrow will be the same if nothing has changed in our thoughts and behaviours. If we make the same thoughts as yesterday, we are likely to make the same choices today. These same choices we make today, leads to the same experiences tomorrow. Therefore, if we want to change our circumstances/health for the future, we need to rewire our thoughts today to make the change for tomorrow.

To create a new reality, we need to create new thoughts that leads to making new choices. These choices creates new actions and behaviours, to create new experiences that develop new feelings, moulding us to a new state of being.

The old is gone, the new has come.

Keeping our focus on who we want to be, and not who we were before, allows us to turn down the noises of our old selves. This new voice activates new genes and rewire our brains to think like who we want to be, and create new habits and behaviours that leads us to new outcomes. These thoughts will be what we speak, what we do and how we live. At this point, our brain and body are no longer a record of the past; they are now a map to our future – a better future that we’ve created in our minds, and a future we believe in.

We need to keep our focus to what’s good and not allow anything to distract us. This helps us create the right level of mind with a clear intention that is nurturing and elevating emotions. As we focus on cultivating heartfelt, positive emotions such as gratitude, kindness and compassion, we shut off the part of the brain that generates survival emotions such as fear and anxiety. With fear out of the way, this gravitates us to more trust, forgiveness and love in us, moving us from being selfish to selfless. With our heightened emotions, such as being grateful makes it seem as though the possible outcome has already happened, thereby signalling our genes ahead of the environment. This positive energy opens up the door to endless possibilities that we’ve never imagined because now we are no longer expending our energy trying to figure out how to survive.

In summary, when we alter our consciousness (intention) and energy (elevated emotions), we can influence our outcome, we can rewrite our future, we can turn negativity into positivity, we can find peace in chaos, and see beauty in all things.

Now, we are no longer waiting for change to come, we are the change. You are the change.

All my love,



All the above is written with reference to the book of "You are the placebo: Making your mind matter by Dr Joe Dispenza."

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