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The Breakthrough - emerging to who you are

How many times in the past when you tried to change, you likely believed that it wasn’t you that needed to change, but it was always circumstances outside of you that needed to; “If I didn’t have so many other commitments (so and so, this and that…etc), I could lose the excess weight, and then I’d be happy.”

What if, in order to see the ‘external’ changes, you have to change the ‘internal’ system first?

What has profoundly changed my life was to understand that to change my circumstances, my outcome, I need to first shift my focus on negative beliefs that do not serve me and refocus my mind, thoughts, feelings and way of being to who I want to be in time to come.

But how do we do that?

When our behaviours matches our intentions, our actions equals to our thoughts, allowing our mind and body to work together as one and when what we speak becomes our deeds, this itself creates an immense power to change our outcomes. In order to do so, our thoughts and feelings have to sing the same tune. Just like waves in a signal are either aligned or misaligned, coherent or incoherent, this applies the same to our thoughts and feelings. When waves are in tune and rhythmic, they are more powerful than when they are not, the same concept goes to our thoughts and feelings. When we can hold clear, focused thoughts about our purpose and be in control of our emotion, we create a stronger energy that attracts the potential reality that we want.

Therefore, to move to a new state of being that aligns our thoughts and feelings into one, we need to identify the limiting beliefs that has been trapping us from who we are meant to be. To identify these limiting beliefs, we need to identify the gap as explained below:

This gap is separated by layers that brings us further and further away from who we are truly within. These layers are feelings we memorised throughout different points in our lives (based on our past experiences).

These feelings are usually developed from a space of survival mode such as stress, breakdown, environment, sadness, separation, limited possibilities, narrow focused or emergencies. This situations usually triggers emotions such as fear, anger, unworthiness, unloved etc.

The size of gap varies individually. The bigger the gap, the greater it limits us from being who we truly are. Therefore, in order to close the gap to unleash who we are meant to be and our purpose in this world, we have to unmemorize these limiting beliefs that do not serve us.

In summary, each time you unmemorize any emotion that has become part of your identity, you close the gap between how you appear and who you really are. The ultimate goal is to be yourself and achieve transparency. To understand that we are all made perfectly imperfect, but we strive to be better than who we were yesterday. The chase is never about being perfect, but the pursuit of progression that keeps bettering oneself. Each time your survival beliefs haunts you, tell yourself, This is no longer serving my best interest, this is no longer serving me. This has never been loving to myself. "A memory without emotional energy is called wisdom, because the experience becomes a purpose." All my love, Ashley References: All the above was written with reference to the book of "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Dr. Joe Dispenza"


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