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The Unspoken - Strength & Light Within

Faith, is my light, my strength and my comfort. I’ve never written what faith means to me and couldn’t put them into words whenever people ask me about it. But today, I’ll try.

Faith lives within, within all who believe. If we believe, we will see that Faith is majesty. To know faith, we’ll just need to look up to the skies and that’s how majestic it is. It lights up the world to give us life, waters where is needed and gives warmth to all broken-hearted. The presence that is always there for us and with us. It is the same sky that shines when we rejoice, and pours whenever we cry out.

Faith is love, even on days I feel so underserving.

It is an unconditional love that brings comfort to me on days when I am drained to my knees. A love that I know when all else fails, when all tides are turned against me, yet this love never fails. It stands up for me and restores my strength to more than I need.

Faith is my hope.

It is a shining light that keeps me going. A light that I run to. A light that I keep my eyes focused on when all around me is darkness. A light that leads me out of every dark season, knowing that in every darkness there’s a purpose.

Faith is my refuge.

It gives me a reason to keep running the race even if I am all tattered with battle scars. Because I know these scars will turn into stars, they will shine for me in time to come. One day, the truth will come to light.

Faith is the anchor of my soul.

It gives life to every breath I breathe, the eyes to see beauty and the heart that beats for my destiny. It keeps me close to who I am meant to be, and teaches me to serve with humility.

What would I do, where would I be, who would I have become if not for faith that stood by me? For all the unending love, forgiveness, patience, courage, wisdom and blessings that it has always, always showered me trial after trial. All the strength that I’ve garnered within that braved me through all storms do not come from me, but may all the glory go to the highest.

So, to all my love,

this is the faith that I stand for,

the unspoken faith.

With all my heart,



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