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Letting Go; how forgiveness set my soul free

"Sometimes things happens in your life, to allow you to face the things that you're not willing to accept all this while."

Let Go, Let God.

Have you been hurt by someone you love with their heart wrenching words? Or a betrayal of your trust? Or had promises made broken over and over again? I did, I had it all at once.

I got hit where it hurt the most.

Many nights I walk through my darkest alley wondering when will my pain ever end. My world was in darkness every single day. If I would best describe how it felt like, it was like living in hell. Every day I’ll get tormented by those flashbacks getting played in my mind over and over again that drives me mad day and night. Often I ask myself what have I done to them that they have to hurt me so badly? There are many things in life that can’t be explained nor can it be understood. But I've always believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that I may not understand the reason at that point in time, but one day,

One day, everything will make perfect sense.

No one wants it like this.

Relationship can fall apart, that's when people start speaking different languages, but it is not entirely one person to be blamed. Let us stop pointing fingers for everything that had happen for it does no one any good but only hinders the peace in us.

Faith and Hope was my salvation that truly reversed my mindset of my situation. Hope led me to the light. I finally could see the light at the end of my darkness. Holding on to that shining light of hope was so encouraging that I look forward to each morning knowing that every day was a step closer to the end of the my darkness. As each day goes by, things slowly starts to unfold, I start to understand why God has placed me in this position. It's really amazing when you have faith, having faith for your future, having faith that things will get better, having faith that the rain will stop and the sun will shine, its changes everything, it changes how you see the world, it changes how you see your situation -

"I was once blind and now I can see - John 9:25."

You'll stop focusing on all the negativity and place all your focus on the things that makes you happy. You'll start to slow down your pace in life and truly enjoy every moment and indulge in the things that makes your heart full. You'll start to be grateful and count your blessings. You'll start to channel your fears into strength. Most importantly, you'll start to heal.

"The greater the adversity, the greater the growth."

I've fall, I've learnt and I've grown.

Broken dreams don't equate to dead ends. Your trials in life are meant to prepare you for where you need to be. Grow through what you go through. I've learnt that there are no mistakes made but only lessons learnt. If your current situation is not where you imagine you'd be, you'll simply on divine middle ground. Just embrace this season of life with all it has to offer and believe that the fall is what makes the victory sweeter. There are many things in life to be grateful for if you stop holding on to the pain that haunts you. Let go. Forgive yourself from all the condemnation of your past, forgive yourself for the actions you've made, forgive those who've hurt you, forgive those who've wronged you and forgive those who belittle you because you deserve peace, you deserve to set yourself free. Forgiveness does not make you weak, it is a gift to yourself to be free from the person to ever hurt you again. Surely, forgiving does not change the past, but it does enlarges your future. Let go, Move on. When you forgive, your heart heals.

"There can be miracles, when you believe. "

Be patient. Believe that your brightest and glorious days are still ahead of you. It might not be today or tomorrow, but it will happen at the right time and right place just as God has planned. Don't ever stop believing because the lights, will guide you home.

"If you think that you can't, know that God can."

With love,


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